i am a cutter.
i am bi.
i am indecisive.
i am contradictory.
i am pathetic.
i am worthless.
and i am hopelessly in love with you. i'm sorry.

i'm so sorry but i love you.

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but i can’t help it.

nothing’s right.

everything’s wrong.

you’ve stopped talking to me.

it breaks my heart.

things happened today, and i was like, “oh! i should tell him!”

and then i remembered, that you weren’t talking anymore.

there are some things that i can only tell you.

some things that only you understand.

but now you aren’t there for me to tell.

i miss you.

i miss your companionship.

forget about how i love you.

never even answer my feelings.

it’s okay. 

i just want to be able to comfortably talk to you again.

my family is being insensitive.

brothers being jerks.

nothing’s going right.

i don’t understand what i’ve done to deserve this.

i have a question for you.

you said that you’ve known that i liked you.

then if you didn’t find my tumblr, would you continue stringing me along?

i wonder.

i miss you.

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